May 29, 2013

Graduation Project

In a world, ravaged by the horrors of war, technology has aided in evolving mankind beyond its limited form. The common man has become little else than slaves to the established powers. The poor and destitute see no other option than to give up their own children to this power, feeling safe in the promise that they will be looked after when they cannot. Their children will find safety and a better life under the wing of the military.

From that moment on, the children find themselves transported to a secret facility, hidden from the prying eyes of the world. A dark institution where they will serve the purpose of lab rats to, in the end, transform them into mindless killing machines. Only the strongest are admitted into the program, where they are forced to fight and kill their own friends. That would be the cost they have to pay for a place to sleep and food to eat.

The few that survive into adulthood they will already be more than ready to be sent into the field of battle and face the horrors of war. Having become part man, and part machine as part of the program, they no longer have any qualms about killing their enemies. The only motivation they need now, is to be free from the endless torture they endured.

On one fateful day, after returning victorious from battle, one soldier; known to be one of the strongest amongst them all, was betrayed by his own kin. Equal jealousy and out of fear that one day he would overpower them. Left for dead in the field, his wrecked body was found by a secret organization, which has tasked itself to bring down this corrupt government. Taking him along, they repaired his body and healed his mind as much as they could. But some scars could not be healed.
Working together, they now stand united against their common enemies.

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