September 27, 2008

Old concept Nomos

Some of my art I made on internship a while ago. ( I was on internship at Coded Illusions, game company in The Netherlands. Learned a lot of photoshop skills. thanks again Bang Phan :) )
anyways I got the permission to put some of my concepts online of the previous game " Nomos ".

hope ya enjoy :) ( notice: I made these months ago but Im proud of these ones :D)

Tree of Life area
Made this in February, my first environment mood drawing

The road to Cave camp " oil rig area " it had to look like it was almost night and really really dry.
( Made in May )

Concept idea and mood board for a sci fi style restaurant. turned out really nice ingame <3.

September 25, 2008

Kunoichi panda

Illustration I made in holiday.

Couldnt draw much because of my internship at Coded-Illusions. too bad I cant show my concepts I made there (yet). hopefully I get to show that :).