November 06, 2008

teaser ;D

teaser teaser .. Im not sitting here like a lazy bum!>:E arrrhh!

to be honest, I dont believe in artist block anymore : / and well .. Ive been studying lotsa art and found myself a new artbook of "Udon" <3>__> Im really stressed about this because it decides if I can graduate >__> .. and well I ve been doing my homework and its all done but Im scared Im missing something >__< .. ho well! PRAY!

edit: WIP

October 11, 2008

Get outta here!

Wanted to draw something for my portfolio, but got a lil bit bored and tired to continue so it may look a bit of messy and stuff. but I still want to share it with you people. maybe I'll edit it sometime. so please enjoy!

main character cyber chick Lunaira

September 27, 2008

Old concept Nomos

Some of my art I made on internship a while ago. ( I was on internship at Coded Illusions, game company in The Netherlands. Learned a lot of photoshop skills. thanks again Bang Phan :) )
anyways I got the permission to put some of my concepts online of the previous game " Nomos ".

hope ya enjoy :) ( notice: I made these months ago but Im proud of these ones :D)

Tree of Life area
Made this in February, my first environment mood drawing

The road to Cave camp " oil rig area " it had to look like it was almost night and really really dry.
( Made in May )

Concept idea and mood board for a sci fi style restaurant. turned out really nice ingame <3.

September 25, 2008

Kunoichi panda

Illustration I made in holiday.

Couldnt draw much because of my internship at Coded-Illusions. too bad I cant show my concepts I made there (yet). hopefully I get to show that :).