June 20, 2009

backalley girl

Finally done with all entrance exams and got some time to draw something for myself.
I was trying to draw something realistic for a short time, but it didnt work out the way I wanted and it ended up with an "artist block".

So I started looking into some artbooks at home and I got inspired by the artwork of "Udon". It's amazing how they paint and the way how they draw those characters. Yeah you know what I mean! streetfighter ftw! I got inspired by streetfighter!

and So I started painting in a different way I used to draw. and tada da daaaah! this is my result!

Please enjoy~

Character Pandora (c) me
Material: photoshop CS2 + Wacom Intuos 3

1 comment:

rico , ting kui said...

lol....omg i like this one :)